never alone

I want to run on a road
A road that takes me beyond everything
Because whenever I do something,
whenever I trust myself,
when I really want to do my best,
I fail.

If the running keeps my train of thoughts away,
if the road is empty but still another way to end the failing,
I would without a doubt take that road.
Because when I feel strong, I'm weak. 
And when I'm weak, I'm just being weak.
And when I rise, there's a power that helps me.

I don't like being weak, but when it comes to sad endings,
there's nothing I can do.
But when I'm on the bottom, whem I'm touching the ground,
It reminds me of everytime I've been climbing up to the top.
It reminds me that there's always faith, always hope,
And there's always someone that loves you and pray for you.

So I shall rise again,
I will fall to the bottom again and when I do that,
I'll start climbing because that will help me grow stronger.
When I fall, I don't have to start climb from scratch.
I just get a little bit more strength each time I need to get to the top,
And I get a little bit weaker everytime I'm falling.

But when that day comes, I don't need to worry.
Cause I'm like a flower.
I need the sun and water to grow,
and that's everything I need.
Sometimes I wish the clock could stop so I could get som rest.
There's nothing but happiness,
When you want to be happy.
Never forget that theres always someone there
and you are never alone.

K O M M E N T E R A :D

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