I knew there was something special about you
But I didn’t see that the first time I saw you
But somehow in some strange way
I felt a gentle tug in my heart
I don’t know how, I don’t know why
It may be the way you smile
It may be the way you look
Either way, I realized I was beginning to like you
I started wishing… I started dreaming…
The feeling is something I’ve never felt before
It’s a wonderful feeling that sometimes makes me smile
It’s a feeling that makes me all jumpy inside
But it’s also a feeling that makes me want to cry
I’ve watched you from a distance
And I’ve longed for a single smile
But all you ever gave me is longing
My heart aches every time I hear you sing
Coz you sound so beautiful
I feel warm every time I see you smile
My heart beats faster every time you walk by
I don’t wanna say I’m crazy about you
I don’t wanna I’m falling for you
Coz it hurts to know that I would never mean anything to you
And it hurts even more to know there’s nothing I can do
Sometimes it makes me so sad
But still, I can’t stop thinking of you
I can’t say I love you, I can’t say I do
For I don’t even know you
And even if I wanted to… say a thing or two
There’s no way I can get through
So I guess I’ll just be admiring you from a distance
I can’t even look at you as much as I want to
There are a lot of things I don’t understand
A lot of questions I don’t have answers to
But one thing I know for sure
I may mean nothing to you
But boy, I’m glad to know you!
And no matter how stupid this feeling can get
I’m never ashamed to admit it’s true
Coz no matter how hopeless, no matter how painful
God knows I’m happy there’s you..

K O M M E N T E R A :D

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